ArmaSport« mats are free from phthalate plasticizers and triclosan. Because harmful phthalate plasticizers and aggressive antibacterial additives are a hazard to both health and the environment. Unfortunately many sports mats contain precisely these dangerous materials. ArmaSport« mats are the healthy exception! And, importantly for allergy sufferers, they don’t contain latex.


Instead of simple air bubbles, millions of polygonal, air-filled cells provide a complex structure. This is the secret behind the unique combination of elasticity and stability provided by ArmaSport« mats. This guarantees stability for lateral movements and a firm footing - even during the most intensive exercise.


The high-quality loop makes storage wonderfully simple. In the core is a metal ring which bears the full weight and is
covered with a soft rubber material. You will not feel the loop, it does not impair the workout and there is no risk of injury. The elegant, slightly grooved surface is typical for all our mats. Practical: the mats do not stick together during storage, but have constant hygienic ventilation.


Due to their closed-cell structure ArmaSport« mats do not absorb moisture. The sanitized treatment provides reliable, permanent protection against bacteria and fungal growth, without the use of triclosan. The mats are sweat- and salivaproof and are easy to clean with water (DIN 53/80-1 and –2).


The maximum braking acceleration for ArmaSport« mats is below the permitted standards (80 m/s2 for type 1 mats, for exercises without jumps /65 m/s2 for type 2 mats, for exercises with jumps). All ArmaSport« mats are ideal for professional use – in schools, for exercise and in competitions (tested in accordance with DIN EN12503 and the T▄V
GS certificate for approved safety).


The most effective exercises used by professional sportspeople for rapid results. On the DVD, 29 of these successful exercises for various muscle groups are presented highly competently and practically for use at home. Additionally, we offer a DVD that shows exercises in seven steps from warm-up to cool-down, with variants for beginners and improvers.