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Experience quality. For professional needs.

ArmaSport creates innovative solutions for sports, fitness, gymnastics and physiotherapy. With more than 50 years of experience, all the products are developed and manufactured using advanced foam technology.
ArmaSport is specifically committed to the issue of health. Materials, functionality and design always focus on this goal. To give just two examples: By introducing the rubberized loop, ArmaSport has revolutionized the loop system for the hygienic storage of mats. The mats are manufactured without using harmful phthalate plasticizers making ArmaSport the healthy alternative. The ArmaSport product range is not only functional but also highly versatile. From recreational sports to physiotherapy. From the seat cushion for the stadium to the protective profile for playground apparatus – outstanding quality in all areas. Be invited to explore below the product range of Armacell.
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ArmaSport® mats offer two-fold protection: for your personal health and for the environment. They are free from hazardous phthalate plasticizers and aggressive triclosan. They do not contain latex – a benefit for all those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to latex. ArmaSport® mats are available in 3 thicknesses:

  • 10 mm thickness for pilates, yoga, home fitness
  • 15 mm thickness for fitness, studios, schools, clubs, competitions
  • 25 mm thickness for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, school sports
ArmaSport® mats Fit 10
ArmaSport® mats Fit 15
ArmaSport® mats Power 25
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Balance pad

Achieving a balance of body, mind and soul is by no means a simple training goal, but it’s one which is easier to reach than you might think. ArmaSport has added a Balance Pad to its product range. Made of special foam, this pad has a wide spectrum of possible applications in prevention, physiotherapy and fitness and strength training.
ArmaSport® balance pad
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The high-quality loop makes storage wonderfully simple. In the core is a metal ring which bears the full weight and is
covered with a soft rubber material. You will not feel the loop, it does not impair the workout and there is no risk of injury. The elegant, slightly grooved surface is typical for all our mats. It not only looks good but is practical too: the mats do not stick together during storage, but have constant hygienic ventilation.
ArmaSport® mat bag
ArmaSport® mat hanger
ArmaSport® transfix
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Professional Physio at home

The most effective exercises used by professional sportspeople for rapid results. On the DVD, 29 of these successful exercises for various muscle groups are presented highly competently and practically for use at home.
From the Medical Park St Hubertus – known throughout Europe – presented by Ulrike Kremer, under the guidance of Chief Physiotherapist Knut Stamer, with explanations by Chief Physician Dr Hörterer. Five languages.

Get fit! The compact fitness concept

Simple workout for the whole body that’s gentle! The DVD shows exercises in seven steps from warm-up to cool-down; all important muscle groups are stimulated. With variants for beginners and improvers Presented
by fitness professionals Ulrike Kremer and Oliver Radig. Five languages.
ArmaSport® DVD
Professional Physio at home
ArmaSport® DVD
Get fit! The compact fitness concept